Prenatal Injuries

Even the most careful women can encounter trouble in pregnancy. Thankfully, most potential problems can be diagnosed in time to prevent harm and pave the way for a normal, healthy delivery. Women today enjoy the protections of a host of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available for managing maternal and fetal health during pregnancy.

Healthcare providers treating expectant mothers owe a duty of care to both mother and baby. Negligence in the rendering of prenatal care occurs when healthcare falls below the standard to which other practitioners of the same type of care adhere. Negligence during this critical time can result in physical harm to baby, mother, or both. The law recognizes that harm to an unborn baby injures the mother as well.

Harm from negligent prenatal care may be discovered during pregnancy or after birth. Sometimes it can’t be diagnosed for a few years. But time deadlines are complex, often short and always unforgiving. A claim brought too late can be legally barred forever. The time to seek an evaluation by a medical malpractice attorney is as soon as the pregnancy has unexpectedly gone wrong, or if the baby’s early development does not seem to be progressing within the range deemed normal by pediatricians.

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